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Fashion Evolves, But It Is Just Backward!

The fashion world is ever-evolving. And it is a competitive industry where fashion designers try to come up with new styles to keep in touch with the trends or create new ones. But it does not always end well. These fashions were demonstrated when specific fashion trends failed to achieve their most basic objectives.

Is there any use in wearing these jeans?

Patras Events

Her jeans go down to the ankles, but no fabric covers her legs. What is the purpose of wearing those jeans?

Cowboy sandals???


Cowboy boots never go out of style. But these are not boots. These are not even sandals. 

You guys are confused, aren’t you? 

How can you yee-haw in the fashion world wearing these?

Natural Air Conditioning


Maybe they are trying to save on the material or a way of giving good air ventilation to its wearer.

Sorry, I am late for the meeting. I was attacked and robbed on the way.


Don’t have a top? Wear a jean!


Well, if you do not have something to wear as a top, you can always wear your jeans as the top. It is not the precise solution, but it will do.

Don’t you hate it when you totally forget to wear a skirt, and you have to wear your car mat to get out of the car?


Turns out that the supermarket bag is now a trend.


The bag in this fashion photo is exactly similar to the supermarket bag the woman is keeping in the second photo. Well, she has more than one of those bags with her. She is even more fashionable than the model in the fashion photo. We are pretty sure that this makes you wonder if these fashion designers have really run out of ideas, doesn’t it?

When fashion becomes your body and soul, it becomes one with you.


This model is warning a sweater that has a replica of his body. Talk about body positivity. Or self-love.

World: The Perfect Beach sandals do not exist!


These sandals: Hold my Coconut drink with a little umbrella on it

When you have to teach a science class in the evening, but you just have to go to Starbucks before that.


Me: Mom, Let us buy a little mermaid.


Mom: We have a little mermaid at home.

When you have an inner diva who is into stilettos but also an inner garden gnome who loves sandals, you have to satisfy them both.


I may be cold, but I am a Ninja.


The two parts of that sentence do not go well together, just like this dress that does not go well with fashion.

Is it weird that I feel like yelling ‘Aloha’ when I see these shoes?


The apocalypse may fall upon us, but these pants are staying on


Cats in space


Imagine someone wearing these pants sitting across from you on the train, and their knees are some cats staring at you, slowly judging all the decisions you took in your entire life.

Too lazy to put on shoes? We got you.

You know that weird fold that forms on the back of your shoes when you are wearing it half because you are too lazy to put on shoes to go out for a minute? 

Well, now it is a style.

I hide Nothing!

Don’t have a place to put your bag on? Matters no more!


When someone buys shoes from a store in Loony Toons


When you have a hyper fixation, you want the whole world to know about


Wanna look delicious?

For everyone who wishes they were sitting on a rocking chair while standing up


When you pull your jeans up so fast and hard it rips.


Never talk to my feet or my smaller and creepier feet.


Bonus: “This is not the way I wanted to look”



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