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The Heroine exposes the truth we did NOT think we needed.

Sometimes we take things that are shown on social media platforms as honest to god truths, and that is not a good thing. Body positivity is an essential part of mental health due to these absurd expectations about figures we are force-fed by social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The thing is, with a single click, you can have 100x better skin or a skinny nose with them. So we found a heroine who is trying to open our eyes to reality. She believes that feeling good has more to it than a 10-second Insta snap.

All about the lighting

Danae Mercer, who is the owner of these pictures, says that more than anything, these two pictures are about the difference in lighting. You cannot compare yourself to these images of models who manipulate lighting, posing, filters, and everything to take a snap of a split second.

One bite of food does not mean you have to hate yourself.

Be kind to yourself. You do not have to starve yourself to be pretty.

These images are taken after and before squeezing her body to get into the perfect insta-pose.

Perfectness does not mean being human. Enjoy the moments, good and bad.

It is not your body that should be light, but your heart!

Would you rather show the real you or keep giving the world half-truths?

You might end up putting a wall between the world and yourself.

Cellulite isn’t the enemy. It helps you live.

Shrinking only changes the numbers in your scale. Not the body image you have about yourself.

Healing is a battle. Believe in yourself.

Embrace the parts of you that are strong and fierce. But allow yourself to be vulnerable and human.

Sometimes the angle tells the difference between Bloating and Abs.

What is displayed in someone’s highlight reel is not what actually happens. Do not go chasing things that are not true.

No amount of squats is going to make you feel great about yourself. Accepting yourself as you are is the way to true happiness

She shared this photo even though it was tough for her to do so. We should all try to accept ourselves as she does.

What society tells you about health is not always accurate. Health can look different. That does not mean it is not healthy.

Make it your Mantra not to compare the real you with someone else’s highlighted snaps.

Do not always trust what you see. These dodgy companies will fake anything to lure you in.

You are lovable, no matter what shape or size you are. Do not let anyone in this world tell you that you do not deserve love because of your imperfections, the human side.

You only see the posted ‘perfect’ photos on social media.

We can change what we normalize. Perfect is not normal. The real us are normal.

It is always about the act. Nothing more.

Do not let the diet culture get to you. Saddlebags are NOT a bad thing. I repeat, You DO NOT have to be ashamed of your saddlebags.

LOVE, KINDNESS, and FORGIVENESS are what your body deserves. Not self-hate for bloating after one bite of food.

Catch sunsets. Share giggles. But always be true to yourself. Choose comfort over the number of likes.

Pulling a brief or bikini high up on your hips might give you some fierce bootie photos, but is it really worth the discomfort?

Do you worry that you do not have an ideal beach body? Simple! You already have the body. So go to the beach. Voila.

Their truth is handpicked. Do not compare yourself with that.

As there is peace to be found in pain, there is strength in accepting your vulnerabilities and learning to love them.

Eating disorder is something more common than you think. It is okay to seek help. It is okay to take time to heal. It is okay to love yourself in the meantime.

It makes you doubt yourself in any area may it be your mental health or body image. But self-love is the best medicine.



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